Turbo Charger for Ford Transit 2.5L 190 4EB 4EA 4EC K04-0001

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Brand new aftermarket product.

In good quality.

Replace part#:

53049880001, 53049700001, 914F6K682AF, 914F6K682AG, 914F6K682AC, 914F6K682AB, 1057139, 1113104, 914F6K682AD, 6611235

Suitable for use with Ford Transit DI 2.5L D 4EA/4EB/4HC/4EC 91-

Engine: 4EA, 4EB, 4HC, 4EC 2.5L Diesel

Warranty: 1 Year


1 x K04-0001 Turbo Charger To Fit Ford Transit 4EA 4EB 4EC 4HC 2.5L