Steering Wheel DSG Paddle Extension Shifter Fits Audi A3 S3 A4 S4 B8 A5 S5 A6 S6

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Brand new aftermarket product.

In good quality.

Made of aluminium alloy and ABS

Color: Black

Double-side adhesive tape to attach.

Suitable for use with:

Audi A3 2013-2016
Audi A4L 2013-2016
Audi A5 2012-2016
Audi A6L 2012-2018
Audi A7 2013-2018
Audi A8 2011-2017
Audi S3 2014-2017
Audi S5 2012-2015
Audi S6 2013-2018
Audi S7 2013-2018
Audi S8 2011-2016
Audi S05 2013-2017
Audi RS3 2012
Audi RS6 2013
Audi R8 2012
Audi Q3 2013-2018
Audi Q5 2013-2018
Audi Q7 2011-2015


1 Pair of Steering Wheel Paddle Extension