Honda Motorcycle ATV Starter Motor Brushes & Brush Holder

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Brand new.

In good quality.

For Honda ATV and Honda motorcycle models.

Replaces Honda OEM part number 31206-MN4-008, 31206MN4008.

Following are some of the Honda motorcycle and ATV models that this part fits.

For Honda ATV:

Honda TRX 300
Honda TRX 350
Honda TRX 400
Honda TRX 450
Honda TRX 500
Honda TRX 250

For Honda motorcycles:
Honda VF750
Honda CBR600
Honda CA125
Honda CB125
Honda CB250
Honda CB400
Honda CB450
Honda CB500
Honda CBF500
Honda CBR500
Honda CBX750
Honda CD250
Honda CM125
Honda CMX250
Honda FJS400
Honda FJS600
Honda FMX650
Honda FSC600
Honda FX650
Honda GB500
Honda NX500
Honda NX650
Honda RVF750
Honda SLR650
Honda VFR800
Honda XBR500
Honda XR650
Honda TRX300
Honda TRX350
Honda TRX400
Honda TRX450
Honda TRX500
Honda TRX250


1 x Starter Motor Brushes & Brush Holder