Cold Feed Induction & Carbon Fibre Air Filter Box Kit

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Change a high-flow air filter can reduce the resistance of the engine air intake while increasing the air inflow and max volume efficiency at a unit time when the engine is running, this Cold Air Intake System is designed to conveys fresh cool air to the air box, which assures a significant increase of the engines performance in both power and torque.


The carbon fiber shell has a low thermal conductivity, good noise reduction property and heat insulation from the engine heat to the aspirated air.

Adopting air box design, to direct cold air inward, keep heat to minimum and maximize the air flow.

Effectively increase horsepower, torque and improve the gas mileage, make the oil combustion complete and decrease the oil consumption.

With washable and flexible filter hose, suit any shaped engine bay.

Comes with mounting bracket and hoops, easy to install and fit for most cars.


Condition: Brand New

Material: Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Plastic

Color: Black

Inlet / Outlet: 76mm (3")

Flexible Hose Length: 1m (when extended)

Carbon Fiber Air Filter Box Length: 240mm


1 x Air Filter Box
2 x Rubber Air Filter Adapters
2 x Stainless Steel Hoops
1 x Aluminum Big Hoop
1 x Aluminum Bracket
1 x PVC Intake Pipe