Carburetor 10mm Carb Echo PPT PAS 260 261

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Fits Models:

Echo SRM 260S 261S 261SB Trimmer
Echo PPT PAS 260 261 Power Pruner
Trimmer Pruner Echo solex Edger Blower Redmax SRM 260S 261S
33cc Kragen Zooma Scooter Pocket Bike
Echo PB-260L ProLite Power Blower
Echo PB-260L,SRM- 260S and SRM -261S blower with specified s/n requires 10mm bore:
PB-260L S/N: 03001001 - 03999999
PB-260L S/N: 04001001 - 04999999
PB-260L S/N: 05001001 - 05999999
SRM-260S S/N:03001001-03999999
SRM-260S S/N:04001001-04999999
SRM-261S S/N:02001001-02999999
SRM-261SB S/N:02001001-02999999

Intake size: 10mm
Intake bolt hole spacing: Approx. 31mm


1 x 10mm Carby