2pcs 12V 24V 10 LED Truck Trailer Tail Lights Taillight Brake Lights

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Brand new aftermarket product.

In good quality.

Made of plastic.

Waterproof (IP67)

Voltage: 10V-30V

LED Quantity: 10 (Each)

Dimensions: Approx. 158 x 80 x 30mm (L x W x H)

Wire Length: Approx. 300mm

Distance Between 2 Mounting Holes: Approx. 100mm

Wiring Connection:

Black - Negative
Red - Brake Light
Green- Tail Light
Yellow - Turn signal light

Suitable for use with Trailers, Trucks, Boat, Vans, Caravans...


2 x 10V-30V 10 LED Truck Trailer Tail Lights