2 x 12V Truck Trailer LED Taillight Tail Light Brake Light

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Set of 2 12V 20 LED Tail Lights.

Low power consumption, long lasting.

Waterproof and shock resistant.

Easy to install.

Fits for Trailers, Trucks, Utes, Boat, Caravans...

Function: Brake & Steering & Reversing.

Connection instructions:

Black - Negative

Red - Brake Light

Green - Taillight

Yellow - Indicator

White - Reversing


* Condition: Brand new

* Material: ABS

* Color: As showed in the image

* Dimensions: Approx. 23.5cm x 4.8cm x 3cm (L*W*H)

* Cable length: Approx 21.5cm

* Volt: 12V DC

* LED Light Color: Red & Yellow & White


2 x 20 LED Truck Taillights

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