12V USB Motorcycle Charger Socket

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Brand new.

In good quality.

Color: Black

Made of plastic.

Dual USB with waterproof cover.

Input voltage: 12V-24V

USB (output) voltage: 5V ± 0.25V (USBx2)

Output Current: 2.1A

Cable length: About 1.8m

Insurance: 7.5A

How to install the socket:

1. Connect the red line to '+' and the black line to '-'.
2. Put the handle clip on the motor handle and screw it.


1. It is design for 12V / 24V motor bike(Other volt please do not buy this item, it may be make an accident).
2. Do not use any heat Electronic Accessories.
3. Do not connect the Electronic Accesssories, when the engine is not working.


1 x 12V USB Motorcycle Charger Socket Set

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